About Me
Since graduating from Wellesley College, I’ve lived in Philly as an admissions editor, Washington, D.C. as a digital production intern for Smithsonian.com, and now Boston — hard to believe it’s only been a year and a half! With each new city, I’ve sought out opportunities to broaden my skill set and stretch myself professionally, thereby enabling me continually refine my professional path. I’m endeavoring to find a role that would enable me to leverage both my editorial and statistical experience, rather than arbitrarily choose one over the other.

Why Marketing?
In truth, marketing as a discipline appeals to me because it combines psychological understanding, editorial creativity, and strategy, all of which I’ve cultivated in some form or another over the years. A double major in English and Psychology, I’m highly comfortable communicating with and connecting to people from all walks of life; but more importantly, I love it!

What Do You Bring to a Team?
Enthusiasm and adaptability. Whether bridging the gap between disparate members, analyzing raw data, or playing a more managerial role, I above all care about getting the job done, and will fill whatever role necessary to achieve that.

Favorite movie? “Top Hat,” a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers classic.

Most commonly said phrase? “Did you read that article about..?”

Best social media marketing joke? Chuck Norris doesn’t need Twitter…he’s already following you!